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Not Recommended For Those Offended By Religious Humor- Or Deities That Have Blubber


So you feel you need to have an exorcism performed on you or a friend? To exorcise the anti-whale or lesser demon follow these simple steps:


  1. Stick your forehead against the picture of Shamu on the screen and leave it there.
  2. Name the person you hate most in the world.
  3. Stick your tongue out and try and touch your nose.
  4. You may pull on your tongue with your fingers to try and get it to touch your nose!
  5. Say Shamu- Shamu- Help me- remove the anti-whale from my soul
  6. Remove your face from the screen
  7. Get someone you know to throw a glass of water onto your face
If you followed the above steps faithfully you should now be exorcised- and possibly out of a job if your boss walked by whilst you were doing it!